7 Ways To Save Money On Employees

For any company the employees are often the most expensive part of the operation. Besides having to pay them there are also taxes, benefits, and insurance that will need to be paid for as well. So here are 7 ways that you can possibly use to cut down those expenses at least a little.

There are many ways for a business to save money. But because employees are so expensive anything that a business owner can do to save money on them can often have the most impact on the business. And when you implement money saving ideas you want them to have as much of an impact as possible. So here are 7 tips that you might consider using to save your business money.

1.  If your business is seasonal or has occasional spikes in sales then you should consider hiring temporary workers to handle the load. You won’t have the costs associated with hiring permanent staff and when the surge is over you can easily let them go. Plus you have the added benefit of seeing people in action. Just in case you need someone permanently afterwards.

2.  Use independent contractors. This avoids the cost of paying extra taxes and employee benefits. But make sure they are independent contractors. The IRS is not too fond of them so make sure that you issue them a 1099 and make sure you check the IRS definition on what they consider an independent contractor first.

3.  Use interns. Colleges often have programs to help people get internships with local businesses. This helps you to get the extra help you need and gives someone a chance to learn the ropes in an actual business environment. And just like with temporary workers you may find someone you’d like to keep.

4.  Cross train your employees whenever possible. Often a surge in business might only last for a few days. Employees that work in other areas of your business can often be cross trained so that when this happens they have the ability to pitch in and help.

5.  Get more from your employees. Use a performance system that offers some sort of a reward for an outstanding job. Although the perks may cost you some money the incentives are often well worth the boost in performance your employees will give you.

6.  Lease your employees from another company. Instead of hiring your employees directly lease them from a leasing company. That way you can cut the cost of human resources and accounting by letting the leasing company handle the paperwork. You just pay the leasing company and they have to pay the employees. Plus all the headaches associated with having a human resources department including the people you would have to pay can go away.

7.  Use manufacturer’s reps to handle product sales. Instead of hiring your own sales force use an outside company to handle sales for you. They work on commission which avoids salaries and hourly wages for you and they only get paid for the products or services they sell. Which will provide an incentive for them.

Businesses are always looking for ways they can save money. And because employees are always such a large portion of your expenses cutting employee costs can have a huge impact. But these are just some of the ways your business can save money there are others you just need to take the time to look.