Candor In Business Can Be A Refreshing Change

It is really amazing how hard a time people have being honest and forthright with each other. But people have a hard time saying what they really mean to other people. You could call it beating around the bush but what is really going on is that people often lack the ability to speak with candor. That is people don’t say what they really want to. In business this can be especially true and counterproductive.

Let’s give an example of someone who lacks the ability to speak with candor. You’ve just been called into a meeting with your company’s department heads. You are going to review the latest quarter’s sales figures. You know for a fact they could have been much better had a few new initiatives been implemented. Ideas that had been brought up in the previous quarter’s meeting but never pursued.

The meeting gets under way and as each department head goes over their results a theme emerges. Sales growth across the company has been stagnant. And one by one each manager blames the current business climate for their woes. Once they are done the boss congratulates them on being able to tough it out. Everyone leaves the meeting patting each other on the back.

In this little example company executives are ignoring reality. If people had been willing to be more candid with each other then they would have acknowledged that the achieved results were not satisfactory. Someone would have spoken up and said “What can we do differently or better to get the results we need?” Your boss would have looked each manager in the eye and said “This isn’t cutting it.” 

Your meeting shouldn’t be about ripping each other apart either. What’s needed in business is open and honest dialogue. Most people hate conflict of any kind. No matter how much people seem to actually fight with one another conflict doesn’t come naturally. In business people want to avoid it but sometimes a little constructive conflict is necessary to put the wheels of progress into motion.

You have to be able to ask yourselves hard questions. What can we do differently to stimulate growth? What employees do we have that are unproductive? Are there products that just aren’t selling? How can we get more out of our production? There are so many questions that can be asked in business. Often though people have a problem accepting the facts of a given situation.

If you want your employees to start acting in a more candid manner you need to encourage them. First off you need to practice it yourself. Then you need to reward employees that are willing to be candid too. You have to show them that it is ok to be forthright and straightforward about business. Otherwise the employees within your business or organization will only be fooling themselves about the truth. Allowing candor to prosper in your organization will be like breathing in a breath of fresh air.