Do Not Be Afraid To Drop A Bad Customer

We all know there is no such thing as a perfect customer. But sometimes your customer can become downright impossible to deal with. It is when you get these types of customers that you must learn to say enough is enough and if necessary drop them.

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money developing new customer relationships. Many times you will find this to be a rewarding experience for you. You might develop relationships that will last years into the future. Some of your customers may become close friends of yours. All in all a very enjoyable experience for you. But sometimes the exact opposite happens and depending on how badly you need the business of that customer it can become a nightmare for you. That is when you might have to ask yourself just how badly do you need them?

It is during the early stages of building your business that every customer really counts but at some point in time you need to examine your relationships with you customers. You need to ask yourself if all the hoops you jump through for them are actually worth the sales that you receive. You might be surprised by how many aren’t. Does this mean you should drop them all as customers no? In fact it would be better if you could figure out a way to make the relationship more fruitful for you. But when you do realize that a customer is simply not worth the effort that you are giving them then you need to drop them.

Yes it is hard giving up on a relationship that you have worked so hard to develop but it needs to be done. This customer is taking up valuable time and resources by distracting you from the customers that you make money on. And the longer you wait to do something about the situation the more it is costing you. So how do you go about ending a relationship? Politely that’s how.

When ending a relationship with a customer there is no need to be rude to them or have them develop any hard feelings towards you. You simply need to explain the situation to them. No they may not like it. But you have to try and be truthful with them. Don’t be fooled by them if they say that they need you and will work harder on their end to improve things because this is often not the case. There are of course times when a relationship is worth salvaging and you’ll have to make that decision yourself. But try not to let past sentiment be an influencing factor no matter how hard.

Developing good long term customers is about developing relationships with them. But it is a two way street. They may think that you need them more than they need you and while at one time it may have been true. It is not necessarily the case anymore. So just as you value your relationship with them hopefully the same can be said of them valuing that relationship also. If they don’t then remember your first obligation is to do what is right for your business not theirs.