Does Your Business Take A Toll On Your Health?

Often in business the one thing we forget about is ourselves. Running a small business is a stressful ordeal. But because we get caught up in all the details of what we are doing we stop paying attention to what it is doing to us. Well you had better start to.

In business it often seems that there is never enough time to get everything done. And really there probably isn’t. That’s why it’s important to take time for yourself. Both for your mental and physical health. Because over time your body will slowly wear down. You’ll slowly become more and more fatigued. You won’t sleep well and you won’t think straight. If your business is going through a rough time then your problems can become exasperated. And that can make it even harder to recover from them.

Assuming you haven’t waited to long to do something about them what then can you do? For starters because your physical health should always be a concern why not go get a checkup. Even if you don’t have health insurance you should get this done. Although as a small business owner you should have some sort of coverage at least for yourself. Try to go to the doctor’s at least once a year for a checkup. Hopefully they can catch any developing problems in the early stages.

An even better long term solution is for you to go to a gym. Yes you have probably thought about doing just that and you may even have a gym membership collecting dust somewhere. It does nothing but waste your money unless you use it. Taking an hour out of your day to go running or lift some weights can take loads of stress off of your shoulders. Besides you’ll be taking time out of your day just for you.

Once you became a small business owner you probably stopped taking vacations each year. You may have not even realized it. Often you either don’t have anyone that you feel you can entrust the business to while you are gone or you always seemed to be in the midst of something that was to important to ignore. Sometimes the hardest part of taking a vacation is that they are planned for the future. And you are not sure what will be going on next week.

Of course you don’t necessarily have to leave for two weeks on a trip to another continent but you should make it a point to get away somewhat regularly. And visiting relatives doesn’t count. Just taking a long weekend to go see something new can help immensely.

Often the best way to keep your batteries charged is to take some time during the day just for yourself. Leave the office and get out for a moment. Maybe take a light lunch at someplace that doesn’t serve fast food. Possibly go get a coffee and read the paper for a half hour. The point is to get your mind off your business for just a moment. Doing so for at least a short while each day should help to keep your batteries charged and your mind fresh. That way when you do return to the office you’ll be ready to tackle the next problem head on instead of at half speed. Remember your own health should be your number one item on the agenda.