The Branding Triangle

When a company goes about the process of building a good brand they have to deal with three very distinct issues. The issues themselves are often considered a triangle. At the top of the triangle is your leadership. And below it reside the inside brand and the outside brand. Each has its own unique position within the brand. And each is a key to building a successful brand. Without all three you will fail in building up your brand.

The position of leadership is at the top because it is the most important. This position deals with the leadership in charge of the brand. It’s the people that are in charge that are responsible for building the brand. But for them to do this they have to believe in it. Because if they don’t believe they have a good product or service to sell then how are they going to get others to buy? One of the biggest killers of a brand is halfhearted leadership. And so the most important thing for a brand is that the leaders of the brand believe in it.

Next we have the inside brand. The inside brand deals with the employees that have developed the product. Do they believe in it? Do your production people believe in it? And most importantly do your sales people believe in it? These are the people that are going to be responsible for your product each day. But your sales people are especially important. Because it’s going to be their enthusiasm and belief in the product or service that is going to be needed to make a sale. It shows when a sales person does not believe there product or service is any good.

Finally we have the outside brand. This is your consumers. Do they believe in your brand? Many really good brands have a loyal following. Have you ever noticed that some people swear by either Coke or Pepsi and if they prefer one they won’t drink the other. It’s that kind of following that every good brand looks to achieve. And it is a very hard thing to do. To develop customers that are so loyal that they will swear off a rival product. If you can get people to do such a thing you need to cherish them because they are rare indeed.

These are the three corners of the branding triangle. Leadership is always at the top. Because if they don’t believe in the brand how will others? Then you have the inside brand. You have to get your employees to believe in the brand as well because they are its ambassadors. Finally you have the outside brand. Your consumers who you must convince to buy the brand. Master these three corners of the triangle and your brand can be successful too.