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Business Uncensored | Randi Goldstein | 

Ryan Sherrer sits down with Randi Goldstein, third-generation funeral director of a family-owned business. In this episode, Randi discusses her unique experiences growing up in the funeral industry, breaking stereotypes as a female director, and the evolution of funeral services from traditional solemn occasions to personalized life celebrations.

What you will learn:

  • Background on Randi’s upbringing in a funeral home and its influence on her career trajectory.
  • The transformation of the funeral industry toward personalized and meaningful services.
  • The role of family in maintaining business integrity and adapting across generations.

Discover Randi’s approach to handling the personal and professional aspects of running a funeral business. Learn how she provides comfort and service to families in their most difficult times, how she manages a business that doesn’t adhere to a standard schedule, and the crucial role of empathy in her profession.

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