Doug Patel: Elevating Wellness with Franchise Style.

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In this episode of Brand Mavericks, Neal DiPentino chats with Doug Patel. From his roots in property management to mastering the art of wellness franchising, Doug shares his transition into health services and his mission to spread wellness through franchising.

What you’ll learn:

  • Doug’s entrepreneurial journey from property management to launching wellness centers.
  • The challenges and successes of adapting a franchise model to the wellness industry.
  • The growing trend of health and wellness franchising.

Join us as Doug delves into how he turned Liquivida into a thriving franchise, his approach to business in the wellness sector and his strategies for maintaining a successful wellness brand. Discover the unique aspects of franchising in the health and wellness sector and how Doug plans to expand his impact.

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Developed by Titan Media Worx, this episode is designed to inspire entrepreneurs interested in the intersection of healthcare and business excellence. Tune in for more stories like Doug’s that motivate and inform aspiring business leaders.

Listen now and be inspired to consider how you can integrate wellness into your business strategy with Doug Patel’s insightful journey.

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