Issa Lopez: All She Needs Is One Mic

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Join Tre Mosley for a chat with Issa Lopez on “Take Time Out with Tre Mosley”. Issa shares her journey from the music scene to becoming a star in the voiceover industry.

In this discussion, Issa reveals the moments that shaped her career transition, highlighting the resilience and passion that drove her forward. It’s a story of perseverance and self-discovery that resonates with dreamers everywhere.

Access Issa’s creative sanctuary as she shares her thoughts on balancing work and life and her aspirations for the future. Get ready to learn first-hand about the world of voiceover.

Whether you’re part of the voiceover community or just love a good success story, Issa’s journey will captivate you. Follow Tre Mosley and Issa Lopez as they set out on this fascinating exploration of career and passion.

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