John Starks: Transforming the Real Estate Landscape with Nightly

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In the inaugural episode of ‘Infinite ReturnsKarl Baker interviews John Starks, the serial entrepreneur behind Nightly. Starks shares his transformative journey from a 20-year corporate career to creating his own entrepreneurial path. He discusses his venture into real estate investment and the creation of Nightly, highlighting the importance of resilience in business and the value of creating enduring relationships. This episode offers a unique perspective on entrepreneurial success and the potential of real estate investing.

🔍 Key Takeaways:

  • John Starks’ transition from corporate to entrepreneurship.
  • Insights into real estate investment and the founding of Nightly.
  • The role of resilience and relationship-building in business success.


Karl Baker

John Starks:

Aspiring entrepreneurs and real estate enthusiasts, gain valuable insights from John Starks’ journey on ‘Infinite Returns’!

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