Overcoming Business Challenges with Jeff Sesol: A Masterclass in Growth

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Join Neal DiPentino on “Business Breakthroughs” to explore Jeff Sesol’s approach to business coaching through his company Pull the Chute. 

What you’ll learn:

Jeff’s insights on the transformative p ower of recognizing and harnessing business potentials.

Strategies for business growth and operational excellence that have helped countless companies thrive under Jeff’s leadership.

Jeff’s personal journey from technology innovator to influential business coach, and how it influences his coaching philosophy.

Gain valuable lessons on how to build a strong operational infrastructure and foster a culture of growth and innovation in your company. Discover how Jeff’s skydiving analogy applies to decision making and business leadership.

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Jeff Sesol 

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Tune in now to this enlightening episode with Jeff Sesol and start transforming your business approach today.

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