Patrick Sommer: Veterans in Business, Exploring Restoration Franchises

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In this enlightening episode of “Emerging Brands: Franchises on the Rise,” host Cash Miller is joined by Patrick Sommer of Veterans Restoration. They delve into the unique world of restoration franchising, a realm where military veterans can find new opportunities and apply their skills in a structured business environment.

Patrick, a seasoned veteran in both military and franchising, shares his insights on how the structured nature of franchising parallels military experience, making it an ideal transition for veterans into entrepreneurship.

The episode covers the essentials of starting and running a restoration franchise, from necessary certifications and operational models to building relationships with insurance companies and handling different types of restoration jobs. Patrick also discusses the investment and staffing aspects, highlighting the potential for growth and scalability in this service-driven industry.

Tune in to discover how Veterans Restoration is not only providing essential home services but also empowering veterans in the business world.

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