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Join Cash Miller on “Marketing Masters” as he talks to Matt Shields from Chime House Media about harnessing Facebook and Instagram ads for podcast promotion. They discuss strategies for podcasters to effectively target ideal listeners using these platforms’ advanced demographic and interest targeting features. The conversation also covers the different approaches required for Facebook and Instagram, considering their unique user behaviors. Matt shares insights on using Instagram Stories ads to create captivating experiences for potential listeners. Additionally, they delve into the essential components of successful Facebook ad creatives tailored for podcasters. This episode is a must-listen for podcasters looking to amplify their reach and engagement through social media advertising.

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Cash Miller:
Email: cash@titandigital.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cashmiller/
Website: smallbusinessdelivered.com

Matt Shields:
Email: mattshields@chimehousemedia.com
Website: http://www.chimehousemedia.com/

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