Alastair Sanderson: Mastering the Art of Business Expansion

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Join David Sliman for a conversation with Alastair Sanderson CEO of OPERIO Group, a visionary leader whose company has experienced phenomenal growth, going from 25 to 280 employees and 1 to 14 P&Ls in just 18 months. Alastair shares his strategic approach to acquisitions, employee transitions and the importance of taking risks in business.

What you will learn:

  • How Alastair led his company through a period of explosive growth and the strategies he implemented to manage this change.
  • Information on the acquisition process and how to effectively integrate new companies and employees.
  • The role of leadership style in managing a rapidly expanding organization and how it must evolve.

Discover the critical decisions and leadership insights that enabled Alastair to successfully manage the challenges of expanding a business at an unprecedented pace. From his early business ventures to managing a multi-brand organization, Alastair discusses the lessons learned and innovative approaches he has employed.

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