Phillip Kirk: A fresh cut on entrepreneurship and Barbershopping

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Join David Sliman on the Sales Proformance Show to learn about Phillip Kirk’s entrepreneurial journey in the barbershop industry. From humble beginnings in a small town, Phillip shares his journey to founding Nomadic Barber Co, where he combines his passions for independence and creativity.

What you’ll learn:

  • How Phillip went from a traditional job to business ownership, driven by a desire for autonomy and creative expression.
  • The challenges of starting a business from scratch, including financial and emotional hurdles.
  • Phillip’s life and business philosophy, focusing on personal happiness and fulfillment rather than conventional success metrics.

Phillip reflects on his early career decisions, his time in corporate America, and how personal challenges prompted him to follow a path more in line with his aspirations. He shares his thoughts on the importance of customer relationships in building a business and the key moments that led to the creation of Nomadic Barber Co.

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