Andia Winslow: A mix of athletic expertise and artistic talent.

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Join Tre Mosley for a fascinating conversation with Andia Winslow, an accomplished athlete and voice actress known for her career spanning sports and the arts. In this episode, Andia shares her experiences, from competing as a professional golfer and skeleton athlete to excelling in the field of voice acting, where she brings her athletic discipline and creativity to a variety of roles.

What you’ll learn:

  • How Andia’s athletic background influences her work as a voice actress and her artistic projects.
  • The challenges and wins of transitioning from sports to the entertainment industry.
  • Andia’s views on diversity in voice acting and her efforts to broaden representation in the field.

Explores how Andia uses her platform to advocate for change and inspire others, whether through her groundbreaking work in voice acting or her dedication to sports. Her story is a powerful reminder of how diversity of experience can make a career richer and impactful on a larger scale.

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