From Spotlight to Spices with Jeremy McBryde

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Join us for this episode of “Take Time Out with Tre Mosley” as we discover Jeremy McBryde’s amazing transition from the glitter of Hollywood to the bustling kitchens of Los Angeles. In this episode, Tre Mosley unveils Jeremy’s journey from his early dreams of acting to his passionate embrace of the culinary arts, culminating in the creation of his restaurant, Comfort L.A.

Listen as Jeremy reflects on the essential moments and people that shaped his culinary ethic, his innovative approach to soul food that has caught the attention of celebrities, and his ambitious plans to feed communities and bridge cultural gaps through food.

This story is not just about food; it is a story of change, community and the endless pursuit of passion against all odds. Join us on a journey that promises to inspire you, delight your gourmet senses and, maybe, spark a culinary adventure of your own.

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