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In this new episode of “Take Time Out with Tre Mosley,” we sit down with the incredibly talented Mara Junot, a voice who has brought to life countless characters in video games, animation and more. Mara shares with us her journey from radio to acting, talks about her creative process, the importance of diversity in media and the power of voice to influence and inspire. Join our conversation to discover the ups and downs of her career, her vision for the future of voice acting and the impact of representation in the industry.


  • Mara Junot’s evolution from radio to becoming a voice actor icon in video games and animation.
  • Insights into the voiceover process and character development.
  • The importance of diversity and representation in the media industry.
  • Mara’s impact on fans and the importance of connecting with audiences.
  • Future aspirations and the broader impact of her work on the voiceover community.

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