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Welcome to a new episode of “Business Breakthroughs”

Host: Neal DiPentino

Guest: Richard Bistline, Executive Leadership Coach

In This Episode:

  • Richard Bistline’s Journey: From a 20-year career in policing to a pivotal role in software business and organizational leadership.
  • Evidence-Based Practices: Discover how Richard utilizes research and stakeholder engagement in law enforcement decision-making.
  • Organizational Development: Insights into Richard’s role at the Harbinger Institute, focusing on mindset for organizational change and collaboration.
  • Cultural Change in Police Departments: How major police departments are implementing leadership development programs for systemic improvement.
  • The Power of Feedback: The importance of listening to employees and customers to solve problems and improve business operations.

Key Takeaways:

Join us as Richard delves into the significance of leadership development, the value of community and internal feedback in law enforcement, and the parallels in business management. His unique perspective offers invaluable lessons for leaders in any field.

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