Powering Online Business: Meilani Wilder’s Branding Secrets

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Join AJ Willoughby on the Leadership Academy podcast as he welcomes Meilani Wilder, CEO and chief designer of The Wilder Shoppe. Meilani recounts her inspiring transformation from freelance web designer to leader of a successful digital agency, The Wilder Shoppe, that enhances the digital presence of business owners. Celebrating her seventh business anniversary, Meilani explores the evolution of her career and how personal challenges have shaped her entrepreneurial journey.

What you will learn:

  • Meilani’s journey from freelancing to building a full-service digital agency.
  • The importance of comprehensive digital branding for businesses, encompassing web design, SEO and social media management.
  • Effective strategies that Meilani uses to make its clients’ brands stand out among their target audience.

Listen to the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship as Meilani shares her passion for helping small businesses stand out online. She provides insights into the ins and outs of digital branding and offers tips for business owners looking to boost their digital presence. Meilani also discusses managing her demanding career alongside personal health issues, highlighting the importance of adaptability and resilience.


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