Social Impact and Media Strategy with Clint White

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Join AJ Willoughby for an engaging discussion with Clint White, a top marketing strategist whose expertise has influenced everything from the Obama White House to prominent global campaigns. Clint shares his extensive experience in creating impactful media strategies and driving social change through innovative marketing.

What you’ll learn:

  • Clint’s marketing approach, which has earned him recognition and awards from the highest levels, including the United Nations Social Impact Summit.
  • The philosophy behind Clint’s book, “Tattoos Not Brands,” and how it applies to creating lasting business identities.
  • Strategies for leveraging the media to foster social change and build community ties.

Clint talks about the challenges and successes of developing marketing campaigns that resonate on an international scale. Find out how his work at the intersection of marketing and social impact has influenced public engagement strategies around the world.

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Tune in now for this enlightening conversation with Clint White and enrich your understanding of advanced marketing strategies and social impact.

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