Join host Tre Mosley in this compelling episode of “Take Time Out”

where he sits down with the renowned voiceover artist and radio personality, Rick Party. From the challenging streets of Chicago to the pinnacle of voiceover success, Rick shares his incredible journey of resilience, mentorship, and transformation.

In this candid conversation

Rick reflects on key moments and people who shaped his career, including his mentor Earl Boston, who inspired a pivotal change in his life. Discover how Rick navigated the complex world of radio, his first voiceover experiences, and his triumphant return to his beloved Chicago.

But it’s not all about career highs.

Rick opens up about his personal life, discussing the profound impact of his mother’s cancer battle, his approach to fatherhood, and the vital importance of mental health, especially for men in the black community.

Rick also delves into his work as a voiceover coach

sharing his unique methodology and his dedication to giving back to the community—a commitment that earned him recognition from President Barack Obama.

The episode is more than an interview; it’s a journey through the ups and downs of a life lived fully. Whether you’re a fan of voiceover artistry, looking for inspiration, or just love a good story, this episode is not to be missed.

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