West Point to Wisdom: David Duncavage

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In this engaging episode of “Business Breakthroughs,” host Neal DiPentino sits down with David Duncavage, a West Point graduate, former monk, and seasoned business leader. David shares his unique journey from the military academy to the monastery and into the corporate world, offering valuable insights on leadership, compassion, and mindfulness. With a diverse background that spans multiple industries and cultures, David brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective on effective leadership and personal growth. Tune in to hear David’s inspiring story and learn how empathy and mindfulness can be powerful tools in business and personal development.

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Neal DiPentino:
– Email: neal@dpamedia.net
– Website: https://smallbusinessdelivered.com/

David Duncavage:
– Email: david.duncavage@gmail.com
– Website: http://www.monkcoach.com/

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