Julia Berman discusses the growth of Toastique: healthy food on the go.

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Join Kris Simonich and Andrea Floyd on the Perfect Franchise Podcast to host Julia Berman of Toastique. Explore the journey of how Toastique, a gourmet toast and juice bar, was inspired by founder Brianna Keefe’s passion for health and quick, nutritious meals. Learn about their offerings, which include vibrant smoothies, cold-pressed juices and a variety of gourmet toast, all made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

What you’ll learn:

  • Toastique’s origins and the health-centric vision behind its menu.
  • How Toastique is expanding rapidly through a distinctive franchise model.
  • Strategies for managing and expanding a Toastique franchise, including operational information and franchisee support.

Get practical information on how Toastique is establishing itself in the fast casual and healthy dining market, and discover why it is a promising opportunity for potential franchisees in the food and wellness sector.

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