Scott Sutton’s Vision for Empower Brands

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Join Kris Simonich and Andrea Floyd as they explore the franchising world with Scott Sutton, Empower Brands CEO. With over three decades of experience in diverse industries like fast food and petroleum, Scott shares a rich perspective on franchising. This episode dives into his journey from a marketing intern to Chief Development Officer and his insights into Empower Brands’ evolution.

What You’ll earn:

  • Scott’s initial steps in franchising and their impact on his career.
  • The strategic tactics behind Empower Brands’ success in managing various home service franchises.
  • How Empower Brands uses technology and professional services to boost franchisee success and customer satisfaction.

Scott discusses the importance of aligning franchise development with market demands and the advantages of a diverse service-oriented franchise portfolio. He also offers leadership lessons, emphasizes the need to support franchisee success, and highlights future trends in franchising.

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Andrea Floyd

Scott Sutton:

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