Legal Perspectives on Franchise Success with Attorney Kit Higgs.

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Join Kris Simonich and Andrea Floyd as they explore franchise law with Kit Higgs, an expert who focuses exclusively on franchising. This episode goes into the relationship of a franchise attorney and discusses how Kit’s experience offers valuable insights into both sides of the franchise relationship.

What you’ll learn:

  • The importance of hiring a franchise attorney for prospective franchisees.
  • The benefits a franchise attorney provides in reviewing complex franchise documents.
  • Common misunderstandings about the franchise disclosure document and Kit’s approaches to clearing them up.

Kit provides a detailed analysis of the typical challenges and questions of potential franchisees, particularly those who are new to franchising. He highlights the importance of understanding the franchise disclosure document and the need to have these documents reviewed by an expert before committing.

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This episode comes to you from The Perfect Franchise team, with the goal of guiding you through the challenges of franchising.

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