Redd Pepper-From the Subway to the Airwaves

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🎧 Tune into this episode of “Take Time Out with Tre Mosley”

where we’re joined by the legendary voice actor, Redd Pepper!

🔊 In this episode:

  • Redd’s Remarkable Journey: Discover how Redd Pepper made his way from the UK Underground to the voiceover studio, sharing his unique and inspiring story.
  • Life Behind the Mic: Get a behind-the-scenes look at the voice acting world as Redd talks about his experiences and challenges in the industry.
  • Balancing Act: Redd shares insights on managing a successful career in voice acting while keeping up with personal and family life.

🎤 Redd’s charismatic personality and fascinating tales make this a must-listen episode for anyone interested in voice acting or simply looking for an inspiring story.

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