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Welcome to an exhilarating episode of “Take Time Out” where creativity meets comedy in the world of sports animation! In this special episode, host Tre Mosley chats with the exceptionally talented Trent Hudson, the mastermind behind Riot Comedy, a hub where sports and humor collide most entertainingly.

Are you passionate about animation, or sports, or just love a hearty laugh? Then this episode is perfect for you! Trent takes us on an exciting journey, from his early days dreaming up characters to establishing his unique brand in the animation industry. Discover the magic behind blending sports with side-splitting comedy and what it takes to create content that stands out in today’s digital world.

Delve into the heartwarming and sometimes challenging aspects of working with a family in a creative field. Trent opens up about his experiences working alongside his brothers, offering a rare glimpse into the synergy and complexities of a family-operated animation studio.

Get inspired as Trent shares his bold decision to forge his path, steering clear of mainstream streaming giants to build something truly unique in the animation space. Plus, hear his insights on how the animation industry is evolving and what it means for creators and audiences alike.

Hit that subscribe button and join us on this animated adventure! Share your thoughts and let us know how Trent’s journey in animation and comedy has inspired you. Stay tuned for more incredible stories on “Take Time Out!”

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