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Join Rick Franzo as he welcomes Vince Maffeo, an entrepreneur who went from the cable television industry to making a significant impact in senior care through his franchises, Comfort Keepers and TruBlue Serving. In this episode, Vince shares how he has built a business that improves the lives of seniors throughout California’s Central Valley, from Sacramento to Modesto.

What you’ll learn:

  • Vince’s journey from media to senior care and the personal reasons behind his career change.
  • How Comfort Keepers provides personalized non-medical in-home care to help seniors maintain independence and quality of life.
  • TruBlue Serving’s startup to make seniors’ homes safer through necessary modifications.
  • The advantages of using the franchise model to expand a business quickly and make an impact in the community.

Vince discusses the challenges and rewards of managing franchises that cater to a sensitive segment of the population. He covers his marketing and operational strategies in a broad scope, addressing the unique needs of senior clients. Vince also shares his insights on demographic trends in senior care and how adding companionship services can enhance the offering to clients.

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Listen now to hear how Vince Maffeo is building a legacy of caring and entrepreneurship in the senior care sector.

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