Business & Brain Tumor Talk Episode 5 Chris Yarnell- Founder of Battle Borne

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Join Rick Franzo on “Business and Brain Tumor Talk” as he interviews Chris Yarnell, founder of Battle Borne, an organization that helps veterans with innovative services. In this episode, Chris shares how Battle Borne began and its current mission to provide essential help to veterans.

Key points:

  • The motivations for establishing Battle Borne and its commitment to helping veterans.
  • The services offered by Battle Borne, such as mental health support, transitional housing and food security.
  • The influence of Chris’ military background on his dedication to veterans’ well-being.

The role of community collaboration in expanding the reach of Battle Borne’s services.

Chris discusses his transition from military service to founding Battle Borne, exploring his first-hand encounters with veterans’ challenges and his drive to improve their support systems. He also explains unique initiatives such as transitional homes and the Military Share food distribution program.

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