Business & Brain Tumor Talk Episode 1 Brian & Shantelle Davis

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In this episode of “Business and Brain Tumor” Rick Franzo goes into the world of Brian and Shantelle Davis, a creative duo who have built a reputation in a variety of industries. From demolition services to media production, the Davis’s share their experiences and strategies for creating a successful and diverse business portfolio.


  • The inspiration behind each of their business adventures, including a demolition company, a media company, and a Southern-style food truck.
  • How Brian and Shantelle manage multiple businesses without losing sight of community impact and personal growth.
  • Strategies for overcoming the challenges of entrepreneurship, such as “paralysis by analysis” and fear of taking risks.

Learn how calculated risks and a strong understanding of different markets have led the Davis’s to success. They discuss the importance of education, community involvement and creating a legacy that goes beyond business profits.

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Join us for more episodes that combine professional insights with personal stories to inspire and educate our listeners. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an existing business owner, you’ll find something for you in every episode.

Listen now to discover the entrepreneurial spirit and strategic insight of Brian and Shantelle Davis, and learn how you can apply their lessons to your own business initiatives.

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