Business and Brain Tumor Talk Episode 3 Wendy Santana

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In this powerful episode, Rick Franzo sits down with Wendy Santana, a brain cancer survivor and a leading advocate for the brain tumor community. Wendy shares her intense journey from the unexpected onset of her illness, marked by a major stroke, through her difficult recovery, to becoming a strong advocate for those facing similar struggles.

What you’ll discover:

  • Wendy’s personal struggle with a malignant brain tumor, including her treatment and the obstacles of her recovery.
  • The profound impact of her diagnosis on family life and her transformative perspective after recovery.
  • Wendy’s role in advocating and supporting others through her blog and her involvement with the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA).

Discover the importance of community and support networks in cancer recovery as Wendy discusses her active participation in events like the BT5K for the ABTA and her contributions to empowering the community that stood by her side. She also emphasizes the need for hope and continued research for better treatments for brain tumor patients.

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This episode was provided by Business and Brain Tumor Talk, which focuses on sharing stories of courage and resilience that inspire and empower those affected by brain tumors.

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