Creative Solutions for Land Development: A Conversation with David Horwath

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Join us as we explore land development with David Horwath, who is reshaping the landscape of Middle Tennessee and North Alabama. In this episode, David shares his journey in land development, from starting Land Innovations LLC to creating impactful projects like Stevens Valley and Nolensville Town Square.

What you’ll learn:

  • How David’s approach to land development combines creativity with practical execution.
  • The role of collaborative partnerships in community development success.
  • The challenges and rewards of innovating in the real estate development industry.

David discusses his perspective on developing residential and mixed-use projects that not only meet market demands, but also enhance community experiences. He stresses the importance of integrating sustainable practices and thoughtful design to create environments that foster community engagement and long-term viability.

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Van Hohe

Steven Luther

David Horwath

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Tune in now for valuable insights into the art and science of urbanization with David Horwath, and see what it takes to create thriving, sustainable communities.

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