Michael Conrad: Innovation in home inspection and energy efficiency in Nashville.

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Join Steven and Van as they explore the transformative world of home inspections and energy efficiency with Michael Conrad. Based in Nashville, Michael has grown from a pioneering entrepreneur to become the CEO of Diligent LLC, where he is revolutionizing the industry by incorporating clean technology and reliable services.

What you’ll learn:

  • Michael’s role in reshaping the traditional home inspection business through innovative services and technology.
  • The critical importance of energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings, and how Diligent LLC addresses these challenges.
  • Michael’s perspectives on the future of the home inspection industry and the growing importance of sustainability.

Learn how Michael Conrad, through his ventures such as Perimeter Pest and Riverside Environmental, is modernizing vital services for homeowners and businesses, improving their simplicity and sustainability. Michael shares his strategic approach to business, which fuses market knowledge with a dedication to environmental protection.

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