Robyn Householder: Leading the BBB toward greater integrity and trust.

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Join Steven and Van as they sit down with Robyn Householder, the influential leader behind the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Middle Tennessee. In this episode, Robyn shares her extensive experience and career evolution from her beginnings in sales to leading one of the most respected non-profit organizations dedicated to fostering business integrity and consumer trust. Discover the challenges and triumphs of her journey and the impactful work the BBB is doing under her leadership.

What you’ll learn:

  • Robyn’s personal and professional journey within the BBB, from sales to CEO.
  • BBB’s role in improving business integrity and protecting consumers.
  • How the BBB is adapting to today’s challenges to remain relevant and effective.
  • Initiatives and strategies Robyn has implemented to expand BBB’s impact in the community.

Robyn discusses the innovative approaches the BBB has taken to adapt to the digital landscape, ensuring they continue to effectively serve both businesses and consumers. She highlights the importance of transparency and trust in building a healthier business environment and how the BBB assists in resolving disputes and fostering understanding between businesses and consumers.

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