From Grassroots to the Big Leagues: Bryan Clayton’s Journey with GreenPal

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Explore the entrepreneurial spirit of Bryan Clayton, whose vision for GreenPal has revolutionized the way homeowners connect with lawn care professionals. Bryan’s journey, which started with a simple lawn mower and has grown to become the CEO of a major online marketplace, offers valuable insight into the use of technology to modernize traditional industries.

What you’ll learn:

  • The origin of GreenPal and how Bryan’s experience in gardening inspired its creation.
  • The challenges and triumphs of expanding an online marketplace from local to national.
  • Bryan’s views on entrepreneurship, the collaborative economy and the future of service-based marketplaces.

Discover how GreenPal manages thousands of transactions daily, connecting consumers with lawn care experts. Learn about the technological innovations and strategic decisions that have driven GreenPal’s success, and hear Bryan’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to disrupt traditional business models.

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Van Hohe

Steven Luther

Bryan Clayton

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