How Benjamin Bailer is shaping music across borders.

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Discover international music editing with Benjamin Bailer, an industry visionary known for bringing together talent from every continent. From his beginnings at BMG to launching innovative ventures and leading Bailer Music Publishing, Benjamin shares his journey and lessons learned along the way.

What you’ll discover:

  • Benjamin’s music industry transformational experiences from Munich to Nashville.
  • His efforts in digital distribution and the challenges of aligning different music cultures.
  • His projects to connect artists and audiences around the world.

Learn about the art of music publishing in a global context as Benjamin discusses how he combines diverse musical influences to create unique sounds. Explore how his background in digital innovation has shaped his career and how he sees the future of global music distribution.

Connect with: 

Van Hohe

Steven Luther

Benjamin Bailer:

Tune in now for this session with Benjamin Bailer and start exploring global music publishing.

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